All To Know About the Best firm mattress for back pain

When you go to a major furniture store and choose a mattress, or when you select a bed at a bedding store in a shopping center, do you often not know what to choose based on? Mattresses are not a cheap purchase, and you want to choose a solid one because you will use it for a long time. If you are suffering from back pain, then you need to pick the best firm mattress for back pain wisely.

  1. Relieves back pain
  2. My back doesn’t hurt
  3. Supporting turning over
  4. I want to reduce stiff shoulders and numbness in my legs when I wake up
  5. Being able to fall asleep well
  6. Being able to sleep properly
  7. Even if you use it for a long time (about eight years), it will not be worn out

The mattress I wanted is one that fits this requirement. First of all, please imagine what kind of bed you want. Urethane mattresses are suitable for back pain and back pain, and the cost performance is also good.  There are two types of urethane mattresses, high resilience, and low resilience, and there are many points to choose from, such as hardness, thickness, and good breathability.  We will introduce more specifically what kind of mattress is recommended and the situation when the Suzuki family succeeded in choosing a mattress to relieve back pain.

High-resilience mattress for low back pain and back pain Which is the better low-resilience mattress? First of all, the mattresses suitable for relieving back pain and back pain when waking up were either high-resilience mattresses or low-resilience mattresses, so I decided to purchase both and try them out. And in conclusion, high-resilience mattresses are recommended for back pain. The memory foam mattress was also soft and had excellent shock absorption, so I felt comfortable sleeping, but the bed was too weak, and my body sank deeply, worsening my back and back pain.

One important point I learned here is that it is essential to use a mattress as hard as your weight.

If the mattress is too soft or too stiff, you may lose your posture when sleeping or be compressed, resulting in low blood flow and back pain, and back pain. The hardness and softness of mattresses are officially described as “Newton,” and the Consumer Affairs Agency firmly sets standards for this hardness and softness.

Classification Term (display name)

110 Newton (11 weight kg) or harder 75 Newton (7.5 kg) or more and less than 110 Newton (11 kg) Usually Less than 75 Newton (7.5 weight kg) Soft.

  • 110 Newtons and above are called high resilience mattresses
  • 75-110 Newton or less is about a regular mattress
  • 75 Newton or less is called a memory foam mattress

 The high-resilience mattress allows you to sleep in the same posture as when you are standing, without straining any particular part of your body. I was suffering from back pain, and when I used it, I was able to feel comfortable waking up, and I still love the high-resilience mattress.

The most prominent feature of the high-resilience mattress is that it keeps the correct posture when sleeping and allows the body to turn over naturally, which keeps the body’s blood flow and does not worsen the back pain and back pain when waking up. High resilience mattress is the best firm mattress for back pain.